Who, what and why?

Who’s Blackcloud? I am, the name dates back to when I used to frequent the Carters’ Club in Glossop. My real name is Bob Hughes but the club’s stewardess called me Bob Blackcloud one night, due to my cheerful outlook on life, and it stuck.

The website’s subtitle says exactly what it is about.

“Beer and chilli and other things.”

That doesn’t actually rule much out! No agenda, just random observations of life as it passes by. I’ll be rambling on about some things that trivial and some things that are important.

That’s the who and what. As for the why? Well, I’m not really sure. How about you tell me, then we’ll both know?

First time here? Hello, where have you been? No, seriously, if you are a first time visitor I bid you a very warm welcome.

Rather read about grown men playing with toy trains? Please visit my modelling  blog.


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