Beer And Chilli

Stage One – The Idea

This is a “key keg” used to serve so called craft beer, which is a half way stage between girlie beer and the real thing. The gas used to force the contents to the tap goes between the outer shell and the bag containing the beer, so it does not make it fizzy like ordinary keg serving systems do, but the beer itself has been “chilled and filtered”.


I hasten to add that I have not drunk the contents! The keg was kindly given to me by Steve at the Beer Emporium in Sandbach.


When the container is dismantled you can see why the stuff is so expensive. The keg is not reusable and all this normally goes in the bin, adding to the price that the consumer pays!

Anyhow, I digress. Having binned the label, intermediate lining and internal bag I am left with the double skinned plastic bottle, a quite large plastic bottle, which I intend to reuse as a small greenhouse.


OK, a very small greenhouse. But it’s still better than it going in the bin.


Stage Two – Construction

The photos below show how the keg has been reassembled into a mini greenhouse. It is not airtight so it will still need water adding from time to time but it should at least keep the weeds away from my chillies!

1 top bottom inner and outer

Left to right, top (upside down), bottom outer and bottom inner.

2 bottom inner inverted

Bottom inner inverted and slotted into bottom outer.

3 bottom inner inverted with tape

Gaffer tape belt to prevent inner sliding down inside the outer.

4 top dismantled

Dismantled top. By this stage I had drawn blood and was determined not to let it beat me.

5 top with bag

Opening sealed with plastic bag and gaffer tape.

6 top inverted and inserted

Top, inverted and inserted inside bottom outer.

7 job done

Plant pot, compost, seeds and water placed inside the keg. All I need now is some sunshine. Not asking too much in May is it? The mini greenhouse has been placed on the side of the garden that catches the afternoon sun but can easily be moved if this proves to be too warm.


Next stage, waiting for something to happen.

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