Sunday Special

Stood looking at the contents of the fridge and wondering what to cook for Sunday lunch. Something different from my staple diet of bean chilli and veggie curry. Something tasty. Something spicy.

I bought a couple of packets of stuffing mix when I did my weekly shop in Aldi last Monday, so I made one of them according to the instructions on the box.

While the kettle was boiling I chopped two large chillies, a small handful of Brazil nuts, a generous handful of chopped mushrooms and about half a dozen pickled olives. This mixture was stirred into the stuffing along with a handful of grated cheese and the whole was put into an oiled baking dish and placed in the oven. The instructions on the box say the stuffing should be cooked for half an hour if spread on a baking tray or rolled into balls, my mixture is a big lump in the bowl so I’ll give it a bit longer.

After about twenty minutes I removed the bowl from the oven and spread a layer of porridge oats over the stuffing. This was topped with grated cheese and lightly seasoned with chilli powder before the bowl was returned to the oven.

In the meantime, breakfast! As the oven is on anyway it makes sense to bake the hash browns, veggie burger, tomatoes and sausages at the same time as the stuffing is cooking.

Who needs a smart energy meter to save money?

Answer to the question above – The energy companies do, so they don’t have to pay somebody to read your meters.

About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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