What a day. Wednesday is usually my day off but the other driver is on holiday so I was working yesterday. Sandra and Mandy, the two lovely ladies at Middlewich, gave me a wonderful birthday present, and a helium filled balloon with “60” on it which was in the van cab until I picked Harv up on my way back to Sandbach after the Congleton and Crewe run. When I was leaving work the boss presented me with a couple of bottles of beer. An excellent gesture on his behalf considering what he’s been put through this week (he became a grandfather for the first time on Tuesday).

After work I had a couple of pints in the Military Arms before catching the bus home then after tea I took Harvey for a walk – OK, to the Midland.

There’s a good reason for walking all the way to Elworth for a pint. In fact there are a few good reasons, not least being the fact that is probably the friendliest pub you could ever want to drink in. I’m driving in the morning so I had to keep a strict cap on my alcohol intake but it was a really enjoyable evening drinking good beer in good company.

As we left the pub there was a southbound freight thundering through the station at some not inconsiderable speed, a proper train, no passengers, and when we got to the old railway line on the way home there was a fox ahead of us. Luckily I still had Harvey on the lead so he didn’t go for it. The fox stopped to watch us as we watched it, then trotted off when it realised that we posed no threat. The “icing on the cake” for a perfect birthday.

My thanks are due for all the kind greetings on Facebook and by email, also to the regulars and staff in the pub too!

And for those of you that call me a grumpy old git – Yep, yer right now, I am officially old.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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