Trailblazing across the pampas

(Readers of my other blog will recognise the reference to South American grasslands.)

Harvey will usually bark at anybody who dares to walk past the house or park on the road, yet he’s currently stretched out on the settee happily watching contractors removing the paving stones from the footpath.

So that’s the solution, don’t walk on the pavement, dig it up instead.

Meanwhile, in the garage, I’ve temporarily removed the railway bridge across the garden door. I don’t normally take this bridge down, preferring to duck under it instead, but today it needed to be out of the way.

Bridge out at Cumbre!

One hour later… The workers very kindly dropped eight flags on the front lawn for me. They’re a lot heavier than I was expecting but I’ve managed to barrow them through the garage to the back garden where they now form a V shaped path following the washing lines. Hence the bridge at Cumbre being down.

It’s a start! The next job will be to start cutting the grass… Mañana.

In the hour it took me to cart the eight flags from the front garden to the back and position them as required under the washing lines the workmen dug up about fifty yards of pavement, put it on their lorry and took it away, but there were three of them, and they were using a mechanical digger!

I look forward to having a smooth tarmac footpath on the road past the house, it’ll be a lot better than treading on a loose flag and getting muddy water squirted up a trouser leg and I’ve made a start on reclaiming the back garden.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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