Call time

Hahahaha! Slackwit.

I have just received a phone call from an Asian sounding woman claiming to be from British Telecommunications. She said there was a problem with my BT internet broadband access being hacked by somebody in California.

“Carry on, I’m listening.” I replied.

She waffled on for a bit while I made suitable ums and ahs as if listening intently.

When she stopped talking I asked “These fraudsters, that would be you wouldn’t it?” “No, you don’t understand” she said “your account has been hacked by fraudsters.”

“Really?” said I “But you must be the fraudster. I am not a BT customer.”

Click. The line went dead.

00 98 053466

I’ve had several calls from this number recently, but this was the first one where there was actually somebody on the line instead of it just going dead. The dialling code is for Iran, I hope their international phone bill wipes out any financial gains they might make from whatever scam it is they’re playing.

Update, an hour an a half later…

Another call received from “BT”… A man this time, I strung him along and he “transferred me to his supervisor”. There was no break in the connection, obviously being “transferred” entailed handing the phone over! A second voice came on the line asking me to do various things with my computer, while I could hear the original voice talking to somebody else in the background… They seem to have very poor acoustics in Iranian call centres!

The “supervisor” got quite irritated when he realised that I wasn’t playing fair.

Number withheld this time.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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