S P E A K !

I received a text message on my telephone today. Nothing unusual about that you might think but it was on my land line, translated from SMS to speech by a machine, from somebody I don’t know and am unable to tell that they have sent the message to the wrong person because I do not have their number or address.

I do hope they’re not expecting a reply from the intended recipient of their message because they might be in for a long wait.


There’s a clue in the word…

From Greek τῆλε (têle, “afar”) + φωνή (phōnḗ, “voice, sound”)

If you want to put it in writing use email, or even Royal Mail. But be aware that proof of sending/postage does not mean proof of delivery, and even proof of delivery does not prove that your message has been read. If you really want to know that your message has been received there is only one way to do it.



About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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