Just making it up as I go along…

08:00 Sunday

One large swede, two onions and four medium sized sweet potatoes. Peeled, chopped and put in the slow cooker with enough water to cover them.

15:30 Sunday

The contents of the slow cooker have been drained, mashed and set aside to cool. This is “filling one”. The left-over liquid from the mixture has been bottled and stored in the fridge for use as vegetable stock or as the basis for a soup later in the week.

Talking of left-overs, there was half a tin of baked beans lurking in the fridge, left-over from breakfast, it has been emptied into a mixing bowl with a full tin of butter beans and a full tin of kidney beans, a large spoonful of Madras curry powder and a slightly smaller spoonful of chilli powder. The resulting concoction has been well stirred and placed in the fridge to fester. This is “filling two”.

I tried a small spoonful of filling two before putting it in the fridge. My lips and tongue are still tingling as I type this.

18:00 Sunday

Four green sweet peppers had the tops and seeds removed. They then had a spoonful of filling one added, followed by a spoonful of tuna chunks then a spoonful of filling two. This was topped with a second spoonful of filling one and half a cherry tomato.

SUNP0001 (1)

There’s an awful lot of both fillings left, meaning I can try some more of the peppers (there were eight in the packet) stuffed with cheese instead of tuna before mixing both fillings together to make spicy bean-burgers later in the week.

Yes, I know, tuna isn’t veggie. I’ve given up eating meat but not fish, I need the oil to keep my knees moving!


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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