In complete contrast to the previous post…

Gardening, the lazy way.

In common with many people of my age I have bad knees and back, a result of being overweight and under exercised. Also in common with a lot of people of my age I have a desire to live more healthily, and more cheaply, so I’m having a go at growing my own food.

Now, gardening and bad knees and a stiff back don’t combine. On top of which my lawn is undermined with roots from nearby trees and the prospect of digging it up does not appeal. Especially as I’ve never tried gardening, in any form, before. The only thing I could get to grow at my old house was ivy-leaved toadflax. A weed. Admittedly quite a pretty weed, but not really something I could take any credit for because it looked after itself.

So I’m gardening at knee height in discarded containers, re-use is better than recycling.

lazy gardening

Left to right: Blue box – Carrots and potatoes. ‘Key-keg’ – Chillies. Baby bath – Butternut squashes.

If this small scale exercise works I will have a go at creating some proper raised beds to try it on a larger scale. Whatever happens though, I’m not intending to spend too much time bending down because I have trouble getting back up again!



About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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