Things we miss

I’ve been working in my current job for over twelve months now and the van goes round the same routes regularly, some places daily, some just two or three times a week, so I am well aware of the scenery that I get to drive through.

Or so I thought. Yesterday morning a glint of sunlight reflected on water caught my eye. I didn’t stop straight away and carried on to do the last two calls of the trip before heading back to Sandbach, but on the return run I did pull in to have a look.


The brook running through a wooded valley is deceptively rural. This delightful scene is half way between two former mill towns.

brook 2

Another thing I’d not noticed before was this bridge with its rusty iron railings, accessed from the road via an equally rusty kissing gate. Nothing special in itself but an indicator of there being a path heading off towards the trees. I will have to get my maps out to see where it goes, it may be a good dog walk.


On the way back to where I’d parked the van there was another “water feature”.


This is definitely from a bygone era, by which I don’t mean just to provide refreshment for horse drawn transport.


With those rounded ends the trough must have taken a lot of chiselling from a solid block of stone, it would probably have been a easier to make square corners but this dates back to a time when craftsmen took pride in their work.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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2 Responses to Things we miss

  1. Jane Hughes says:

    Where did you get this sketch? Can you send me a copy please?

    • Bob Hughes says:

      No sketches here Mum, Anne’s the artist in the family, I just take fuzzy photos. There’s also a smudge on my camera lens that I can’t remove, that doesn’t help much! 🙂 Exact locations emailed to you.

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