A night out in New Mills

It is over twelve months since I last visited the Royal Oak in New Mills. What a difference a year makes! The pub has been refurbished since then. The two bars are now one, though there is still some separation between the two with a tap room side and the posh bit still quite clearly defined. It was also exceptionally busy when I went in at about nine last night, so I just had a quick one and went for a walk down to the Queens at the bottom end of town. However, on my way back uphill the Oak’s crowd had thinned out so I called in again, this time for a sit down and a more leisurely pint.

royal oak robbies

The “tap room” side.                              Photo – Robinsons’ Brewery (I didn’t have my camera with me).

The pub is still dog friendly (as too is the Queens) and the Dizzie Blonde was on top form. I was glad to see that the Oak still has the same the landlord as it had last time I was in because he certainly knows how to look after his cellar.

I mentioned the Queens above. Last night was the first time I’d ever been in this pub, to be honest if the Royal Oak hadn’t been so busy I probably would not have wandered down the hill, but it was an enjoyable stroll and the beer here was also well looked after. It’s another Robinsons’ house but with no Dizzy so I had a pint of the Unicorn bitter instead. And very nice it was too. I am definitely coming round to Robinsons’ beers.

I also looked in at the Pride Of The Peaks when passing. This former Wilson’s pub used to be called the Railway when I was a relief clerk and worked at Central station from time to time. I was dubious about going in last night because A) it had a bouncer on the door, B) there was loud music playing and C) it too was incredibly busy. However, as I managed to get near the bar a lady asked me if I was looking for somebody, I replied that I was trying to see what beers were on sale, to which she told me and offered to go and get me a pint so that I didn’t have to struggle through the crowd with the dog in tow.

Now that is a dog friendly pub with really good customer service.

I only had the one pint in there, because it was so crowded, but I’ll definitely try them again when they’re less busy. Jennings Cumberland, a nice pale/golden ale. Also well looked after and in good form.

So, in summary, three dog friendly pubs within easy walking distance of each other. All with real ale, all recommended, all worth another visit.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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