Subtle differences…

Or – Man and his best friend.

This afternoon I took Harvey for a walk into town after work. During the course of this walk we passed along a narrow alley, then across a shopping precinct and along another narrow alley on the other side. This was in daylight, so I didn’t, but if I had been bursting for a leak and it was dark I might have been tempted to use one of the alleys.


Harvey, on the other hand, chose to have a long (about 90 seconds) pee on the lamp post in the middle of Penda Way. Even if it had been dark that’s not the best spot to pick. There lies the difference between man and his best friend.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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2 Responses to Subtle differences…

  1. It must be said that 90 seconds is into the realm of Norris McWhirter!
    Abi certainly takes a long time over her actual sniff inspections at time. There are one or two spots on her walks where she will spend a minute plus just sniffing the spot.
    I guess it’s the doggy equivalent of a broadsheet…

    • Bob Hughes says:

      Or even a Norris McSquirter? Harv had been wanting to go out for a while but I stayed for an extra pint at the Beer Emporium and got in conversation, so by the time we did leave he was straining at the end of his lead until I let him loose once clear of road traffic in the alley.

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