I was in Sandbach’s famous cheese shop recently and asked for a good “cooking cheese” to use with basic dishes like cheesy beans, pasta sauces and pizza toppings. I was recommended a very tasty Lancashire and gladly took the advice of the experts.



I’m using some of that cheese, with mushrooms and a sprinkling of oregano, on a pizza for my evening meal tonight. It is lovely. A really strong flavour and it has melted perfectly. Advice from staff who know what they are talking about is invaluable whatever you are buying and always to be very much appreciated.

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Unfortunately such assistance is often sadly lacking in many establishments where the staff haven’t got a clue what they’re selling. If you find yourself in a pub where the decorative bint behind the bar thinks that a mass produced bottled lager is the dog’s danglers when it comes to beer, and hasn’t got a clue what the real ales taste like, you’re probably in the wrong place.

If she has trouble working out your change then she’s probably in the wrong place.

If she doesn’t know the difference between keg and cask she’s definitely in the wrong place… And so are you.

Time to try somewhere else instead!


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Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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