Holmes Chapel, twinned with Hell’s fire

It’s a pleasant small town nestling in Cheshire’s rolling green countryside, but Holmes Chapel has a secret, a very hot secret. Ominously close to the church in the town centre Hell’s fire rages! Checked only by the chillers in the butcher’s shop, but available for the unsuspecting townsfolk to sample… If they dare.

As I posted on the 11th in Hotel Oscar Tango these beefburgers pack a punch. One heck of a punch! I went to the butcher’s myself earlier this week to see if it was a one off or if they sold them regularly.


They do.

Tonight’s tea was a couple of the “Lucifer Burgers” fried with eggs and chilli-pickled gherkins, served on baps with English mustard, hot salsa and grated cheese.


You cannot beat a little bit of what you like, unless it’s with more of the same.



Try some – You might like them!


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Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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