Eee? ‘ell, arrr.

Nay, I’m not spickin’ Yocksure. ELR = East Lancashire Railway!

My old friend Colin and I had a trip up to Bury on Thursday this week. The main aim was to travel on a steam train but there was always going to be beer and food involved as well!

Stopping off at Ramsbottom we called in at The Oaks, this is a Thwaites pub and the beer we opted for was their original bitter. It was an excellent pint but paled into insignificance when the food arrived. This was, without any shadow of a doubt, the best cheese and onion pie I have had the pleasure of tasting in a long time.

If any of my blog’s readers are ever in Rammy at feeding time they could do a lot worse than calling it at The Oaks.

Anyhows, once we’d eaten we headed back to the station to continue our journey. We were surprised to find a real ale bar at Rawtenstall station but (possibly a first for us) we did not stop in to sample the beers on offer!

We rode the return service right through to Heywood, where my mate Colin took a photo to demonstrate what it looks like when an HO scale tender is paired with a OO scale loco! The cab of the engine is a lot wider than the tender’s bodywork… In model form this would be just wrong, but in real life it’s what happens when a Derby built tender is attached to a Crewe built loco. Perhaps Tri-ang, Airfix, Peco, et al did have something when they marketed their products as suitable for HO/OO scale (1:87 and 1:76 respectively).


Heywood is home of some of  the finest beer in the world, but unfortunately home in this case is the brewery itself instead of a bar, almost hidden by the bushes but still visible from the station platform for them that knows what they’re looking for!


From Heywood we rode the train back to Bury, where the railway conveniently routed us into platform two… Which meant we were obliged to call in at their main attraction!elr1tracksidebar

I do like station buffets when they offer brews other than tea.


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