Who needs enemies?

Recent television adverts for Facebook have been promoting their friends feature, but the social media site isn’t always so friendly…


 I know that thank you.

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I had considered this entry in my blog, posted on Sunday 19th July for a specific reason, as being ephemeral. However, as the landlady at the Cricketers Arms in Sandbach has picked up on it as being aimed at her I will re-instate it for all to see. The image above referred to older items on my Facebook timeline. I thought it amusing in so much as it could be taken that Facebook was telling me that I was older, on the 19th of July, my birthday, hence the title of the blog entry.

And, by way of a footnote regarding subsequent comments, anyone who feels offended at being “unfriended” on Facebook is beneath contempt. It takes more than the click of a button to show friendship, Facebook has bastardised the word so that its meaning has very little value when used on the social media site.

Real friends know that.

Also, Mrs Scott wrote in her comments  – “he used to work for us up until recently, then he decided to just remove himself from all contact with us regarding his employment, so we gather he has in fact resigned”

Yes, I was employed by Mr and Mrs Scott, as she states, yet Mr Scott claims that I was not entitled to National Minimum Wage instead of the £6.10 per hour that I was being paid. Which shows the “genial hosts” that they claim to be in a different light doesn’t it?

I was not included in the roster for the week when I resigned, and therefore not expected to work another shift before the weekend of the following week – 11 days away – thus giving ample notice that I had quit.

The minimum wage issue has been referred to HMR&C.


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