Chilli warmer

The weather has certainly taken a turn towards winter recently and winter weather calls for warming foods. Nothing works better than a wholesome stew done in the slow cooker to infuse the flavours but I’m seldom one for following recipes, much preferring to make them up as I go along.

Currently steaming away in the pot is a stew with a bite. Sliced potatoes, chopped onions and beef mince were a conventional starting point but to this I have added kidney beans and chopped chillies. As chillies and potatoes both have their origins in South America I think they make a logical combination.

chilli warmer 001

I’m not sure how sprouts fit in with this theory, but I like them anyway so a handful were chopped and thrown into the mixture to add flavour and colour. The stock is simply two cartons of pasata, any easy way of adding tomatoes to the dish.

I have given it a stir and licked the spoon afterwards. There is a lot of heat in there. It’s probably going to have to be served diluted with rice, bread or potato wedges to spread it out so there’s a good week’s worth of meals in the pot.


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