The Bobs

No, not me in plural. The Bobs at Belle Vue, Manchester.

Vintage TV showed a film clip of an old roller coaster as part of a music video last night. I’ve just looked it up on the interwebby and found out that it’s the Cyclone at Coney Island NY, built in 1927.

There’s something about an old fashioned roller coaster that the modern ones just don’t have. They may be slower, lower or shorter but they have a charm all of their own and they run on rails, not clamped into a tubular frame, so there’s an extra perception of risk that adds to the adrenaline.

I’ve never been to Coney Island but I remember Belle Vue where The Bobs (built 1929) was a similar roller coaster. Not just a white knuckle ride, The Bobs was an incredibly intricate structure and so graceful to watch, as can be seen in this CGI film.

But nothing beats the real thing!

And those glimpses of the Manchester skyline are quite amazing when compared to what the city looks like now.


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