Big Brother

George Orwell wasn’t far off the mark when he wrote 1984. The novel was published in 1949, so he couldn’t have known about the internet then, but as it happened his predictions about people having everything they say and do watched and listened to were spot on.

The points raised in the video are not scaremongering. What they are is highlighting what is in the terms and conditions of the application as written by Facebook.

I don’t have an  i-phone but my ex-wife does and she uses it for Facebook and all other sorts of internet activity. If she has the messenger application I presume it can record and film my children when they are with her. Even if she has agreed to the terms and conditions of the application that does not permit Facebook to record and store information about anyone else, especially not about children.

This is advertising gone mad. What limits of privacy, if any, does Facebook respect?


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