Old haunts

I was at a loose end on Saturday, so Harvey and I went for a walk. Yes I know what you’re thinking, my dog walks mean to the pub. Well, you are only half right. This dog walk was to the railway station first.

I noticed there’s ramped access to the new waiting room on platforms two and three at Sandbach, perfect for wheelchair users or parents with prams, what a pity the island platform can only be accessed via the footbridge.

1 Royston Vasey Sandbach

Anyway, we didn’t come here to admire the architecture, we came to catch a train to Manchester, and another one from there to Hadfield, where there is some architecture worth looking at.

4a Royston Vasey SpinnersThe first pub we called at was the Spinners. When I lived in Glossop I used to trek over Castle Hill regularly on Sunday nights for a pint of Boddingtons here. No sign of the cream of Manchester these days of course, but the beer that I’d come here to try is actually from Castle Hill… Or near enough as makes no difference, Mouselow Farm Brewery is run by one of my old schoolmates.

4 Royston Vasey SpinnersA rather a nice beer too, but I had other places I wanted to visit so I just had the one before moving on.

The next port of call was the Palatine, made famous because it appeared in the opening shots of the League of Gentlemen TV series about a weird town called Royston Vasey.

5a Royston Vasey PalAs usual in a Robinsons house there was only Robinsons beer, but I do like their Dizzy Blonde so one of these was sampled while awaiting the train to Glossop, where there is another ex-Boddingtons pub that I used to drink in regularly.

6 Royston Vasey starI met an old friend when I walked into the Star, you might think that’s to be expected on my old patch but it rarely happens. I visit Glossop maybe two or three times a year but seldom see people I used to know.  It’s nineteen years since I left the town and a lot of my old drinking pals have also moved away, or passed away, since then.

The first beer tried in the Star was another local, Monk’s Gold by Howardtown Brewery. I followed this with an extremely nice pale ale, Rising Sun. Very drinkable indeed.

6 Royston Vasey star 1st 2Saving the best ’til last. Implant Jammer is another light coloured beer though stronger than I’d like at lunchtime, but what a beer, and what a pump clip too!

6 Royston Vasey Star implant jammerBest thing I’ve tasted from Sheffield since Kelham Island’s Pale Rider.

By this time I was suitably refreshed so we headed back to Sandbach.

3 Royston Vasey Ashburys



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Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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