Lucky dip

Harvey and I had a wander into town after lunch today. Not aiming for anywhere in particular, just genuinely going for a walk for once.

I tied the mutt to a drainpipe while I went into Godfrey Williams’s shop. This is an absolutely delightful food emporium, with all manner of treats on sale, but I was looking for their cheese plates.

lucky dip 1a cheeseAlways a lucky dip but often with a few different ones to choose from, you need to be a keen shopper to find a better bargain than these! In a supermarket this sort of selection might come with fancier wrapping but it would set you back a lot more, and the packaging ends up in the recycling bin anyway.

After calling at Williams’s I sat on the square to read my newspaper and watch the world, or at least this little bit of it, go by while a few folk made a fuss of Harvey. But it started threatening to rain so we headed for the pub. This being the town centre that meant the Swan and Chequer, which is dog friendly.

The Swan is a Robinsons’ house, so it has Robinsons’ beers on sale. No problem with that of course. What’s more they have a new one! Obviously ephemeral and aimed at the World Cup market, unless it’s a reference to a certain hairstyle favoured by some females… I think I’ll stick to the football theory, mainly because I wouldn’t usually regard a Latina as being a natural blonde with matching collar and cuffs.

lucky dip 1b brazA very drinkable beer, so I had another.

By then the weather had brightened up again so we set off for home. Harvey has run out of dog chews so we walked down into the village and called at the petshop, which is conveniently located across the road from the Cheshire Cheese… And it was threatening rain again, so we called in.

The Cheese is a Hydes’ pub and, as such, is very similar to a Robbies house in that you’re unlikely to find a guest beer. However, like Robinsons, Hydes do have their own special brews and Jekyll’s Gold is one of my favourites.

lucky dip 2 gold

Jekyll and Hyde, if you’ve not already figured it out.

This pub is dog tolerant, they’ll let them in the beer garden which is fine in warm weather and the patio is under cover so we were out of the rain.

And it was coming down like stair rods, wet rain to say the least.

My fault for thinking it was summer. Sorry!


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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