More dog walking

The kids were collected by their mother yesterday afternoon, leaving the house in peace and quiet. Too quiet really, so Harvey and I went for “walkies” to pass the time before tea. First port of call was, as usual, the Cricks.

SaxonThe “Saxon Cross” from Cheshire Brewhouse was sampled, and enjoyed! A lovely pale ale, not too strong but full of flavour. Also quite aptly named for Sandbach.

crossesPhoto – BBC (as per this link)

Now, you’re probably getting bored with me going on about the beers in the Cricketers all the time so I’ll show you something else.

BarIn addition to well kept beer, and of course friendly staff, it’s the customers that make a good pub great and these are probably the best a pub could ask for.

Harvey would point out that being dog friendly helps too.

D10 006aIt wouldn’t be a dog walk without him would it?

A slight detour on the way home took us to the Commercial, another dog friendly pub, for a quick pint of Weetwood’s bitter while Harvey played with the resident Bassetts.

commYou’ve probably spotted the theme by now. When a pub welcomes dog walkers they get people taking their dogs there, sometimes it’s the other way round and the dogs drag their owners to the pub!

Either way, it results in beers being bought and sold so everyone’s happy.

As I write this it’s Sunday morning and time for a big breakfast. Then (beer free) walkies before work this afternoon… And maybe another walk this evening for the regular monthly jazz night at the Cricketers.

Much better exercise than going to some fancy overpriced gym!


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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