It is quite amazing how easy it is to get sidetracked on Youtube. This was found after following a link to a spoof Budweiser advert… With toy trains in it, which is why I was looking (I wouldn’t be seen dead drinking the stuff)…

And there’s more like that on the “related” links.

While on the category of “girlie beer”, I’ve taken a liking to the Brasserie Blonde* sold by Aldi. It’s not strong, only 2.6% ABV, but it does taste quite nice when chilled and at two quid for eight stubbies it’s not bad value for money.

(* Sharp intake of breath, Bob drinking supermarket lager?)

About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food. Divorced, she got the kids, I got the dog.
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