Use it or lose it

Why is the co-operation between Public Health England and the alcohol industry to try encouraging middle aged adults to stay off the booze for two days a week seen as a clash of interests while the government and energy companies co-operating to reduce the usage of electricity seen as hunky dory?

Critics say that the alcohol industry will do all it can for the benefit of its shareholders instead of consumers, are they telling us that the energy companies don’t do the same?

Smart meters save money. Yep, no argument there. Smart meters save money for electricity suppliers because they don’t need to employ as many meter readers. Getting a smart meter doesn’t cut down consumption of electricity, turning things off when you’re not using them does that – and you can do that without a smart meter – but that cuts energy companies’ profits without cutting their costs.

Abstaining for two days a week has got to be a good thing because it is bound to cut down the middle aged drinkers’ consumption of alcohol, as well as saving them money. The reduced sales will also hit the brewers’ profits, yet the industry is supporting this advice. Why? Probably because killing your customers is not a good business plan. The common cold would not be so successful if it wiped out its hosts, though this concept does seem totally lost on the tobacco industry.

By the same logic, I’m pretty sure that by the time we reach middle age we’re fairly capable of working it out for ourselves what is and isn’t good for us, just as we can work out what does and doesn’t save us money. Part time abstinence is fine but for many people living on their own the social interaction in the pub is what keeps their minds active. We need mental as well as physical exercise. Use it or lose it.

That applies to your local as well as your mind.

A few pints with friends in the pub or turning into a vegetable in front of the television?

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Burnage Gold?

Here’s an insight into how my mind works, when it does.

Bowie fans in my age group will be well familiar with Moonage Daydream. An old friend of mine always refers to it as Burnage Daydream, Burnage being an area of the south Manchester suburban commuter belt.

On that Burnage theme, I’ve been sat at the bar in the Cheshire Cheese for a few hours this evening and a couple of customers have stood next to me and ordered a pint of what I misheard as “Burnage Gold”.

Believe me, it’s a myth and there ain’t no gold in Burnage. I did try a sample of the beer in question. It’s fairly inoffensive, but not to my taste and certainly not enough to tempt me off the Lowry.

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Glass houses and stones

Racism is illegal, hate crimes are illegal, why the fuck does the Labour Party need special measures to protect Jews?

Antisemitism is amply covered by both anti racist and anti hate crime legislation.

The holocaust argument falls flat, native Americans and many other indigenous peoples suffered huge losses when their homelands were invaded by Europeans.

The Jews need to shut the fuck up and get on with living in an integrated civilisation – without special favours – wherever in the world they are.

They should also stop building settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, where they are the aggressors!

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Mmmm, porky, is that a description of the author perchance?

Nope, porky, as in resembling pork, I’ll thank you very much.

Before I gave up eating meat pork and beans was a favourite dish of mine. It differed from most of the other meals in my repertoire in that it was not chilli or curry, but garlic dominated.

My slow cooker is currently simmering away with a tin each of kidney beans, baked beans, chick peas and chopped tomatoes as the bulk. Other ingredients are a handful of cherry toms (they were over ripe), a bag of Quorn pieces and a finely chopped veggie black pudding. Seasoning is provided by a few chopped fresh chillies and rather a lot of powdered garlic.

The smell in the kitchen is mouth-watering – and I’ll not be bothered by vampires for a while!

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Wey hey

Cheshire East’s website heralds the re-opening of Crewe Green roundabout at the end of this month, restoring access to Hungerford Road and Sydney Road.

Before everyone gets carried away, Sydney Road is to close in October…

For 26 weeks to allow rebuilding of the bridge over the Crewe to Manchester railway.

Perhaps the roundabout euphoria will be short lived.

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The camera does not lie

I’ve had another sunny day at work, driving on peaceful country lanes.

Or was it really that peaceful?

Spot the camera, then what the camera was watching…

Yes, it really was quite peaceful, even Hell on Wheels was flowing smoothly.

At least northbound, those empty southbound lanes looked rather suspicious!

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There’s nowt wrong wi’ being cynical.

If you look it up it means dog like.

Now, the arch cynic in me does not believe in coincidence and I’ve received some unsolicited mail today… Except it ain’t email spam, it’s snail mail spam, but the name of the addressee is what alerted my innate distrust.

The letter is addressed to a Ms. (female forename name) (surname) at my address in Sandbach. OK, the forename is pretty random but the surname is too close to home for my cynicism to believe it’s just coincidence… So I Googled the sender.

They seem genuine enough but a begging letter sent to a specific person my address, instead of random mail-shot, makes my wary. I’ve been here eight years, the previous owner was an old lady who lived here a long time, but it’s not her name.

As it is unsolicited junk mail I feel quite free to blog this, and advise readers to ignore anything you might receive from Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hill Top Farm, Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich.

If the senders of the unsolicited letter would like to tell me why they felt entitled to send it I would be interested to read their explanation and, under the new data protection law, I would also like to know what information they hold about my address because I am the only occupant of the house. My contact details are available here. I’m sure they must have a limited number of postal addresses in Sandbach on file. Until then this blog entry will remain on line because I really do not appreciate receiving random begging letters.


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Sandbach Rocks

I found a painted pebble this morning, the instructions written of the other side said to post a photo on FaceBook then re-hide it.

I have done so and also taken photos of its new hiding place, I’ll upload those images to this page after it has been found.

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Spare a thought…

While you’re comfortably sat at your desk in a nice air conditioned office, spare a thought for us poor old rural delivery drivers.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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Home time

“Reet,” says I, “home time, grumpy bitch.”

“OK then” comes the reply from the very pretty, 19 year old, barmaid.

If ever there was a time I wished I was forty years younger!

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